8Start Launcher 1.8

Great tool for customizing the desktop and how applications are launched

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    Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    5.7 (54)

8Start Launcher is the wonderful solution for PC users who want more than just the standard Windows menu with which they are familiar. This innovative tool allows users to customize their computer's start menu by organizing various programs according to the way they use them.

Users may decide which programs, files, folders, documents, and websites they need to have quick access to and create menu shortcuts for each one of them. 8Start Launcher even allows users to create categories and subcategories to further organize all of their shortcuts according to their type and function. For example, a user may group together the shortcuts for a few websites and some files related to a project he or she is working on, along with the shortcut to the particular document in which the information gathered is being formatted and outlined. This features saves users a great deal of time and energy by allowing them group all related shortcuts together.

The creators of 8Start Launcher are always working to improve the program's functionality. Among the recent changes made, the speed with which 8Start Launcher loads is now 5 times faster than it was previously. The program also uses less of the computer's available memory now than ever before, and additional customization options are added regularly. One aspect of 8Start Launcher that could be perceived as a negative is that an application is not automatically removed from a menu whenever it is uninstalled. The user must manually adjust the menu when such changes are made.


  • Makes it possible for users to access documents and information much more quickly.
  • Helps users personalize their menus in the way that best fits their needs.


  • Uninstalled applications must be manually removed from the menu by the user.

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